Everything's Nice & Household Management Present: Downlink - MAY 29, 2011



DOWNLINK Kelowna, British Columbia Rottun Recordings
If you've been paying any attention to the dubstep world you will have noticed the rise to the top Downlink has enjoyed with Rottun partners Excision and Dastik. With nearly every release reaching the top 10 on Beatport or even multiple lengthy stays at #1, its no doubt that Downlink is one of the hottest dubstep acts on the planet. Downlink has been punishing floors all over the planet with his heavy brand of dubstep. With roots in Jungle & DnB, he is no stranger to the vile side of subsonic dance music. Growing up in a cold industrial town in British Columbia, Canada, he was first introduced to dubstep in 2007 and soon after took to production. While maintaining an appreciation for sparse and laid-back dubstep, Downlink set out to explore a more frantic, adrenaline fuelled style, influenced by everything from heavy metal to astrophysics. His first two releases charted at #1 on several popular online distributors and soon he found his way onto Rottun Recordings which seemed a suiting place for his music. With the release of his "Ignition EP" he has gained DJ support from the likes of Excision, Datsik, Stenchman, Borgore, DZ, 16 Bit, Dieselboy, Evol Intent, Crookers and many more. Downlink is not one to be pigeon-holed and is constantly on a quest to evolve and refine his sound. With this in mind, one thing will always remain constant - a pure unadulterated heavy listening experience.

MARK YURM San Francisco Household Management
DJ Mark Yurm is the alter ego of Brandon Couturier, and is a Amazing DJ from Atlanta, GA. He has been rocking dance floors since 1994. He is one of the most well rounded DJ’s to ever come out of Atlanta, mixing anything from House Music, Dubstep, Drumstep, Breaks to Drum N Bass (as The Rainmaker), and everything in between. He specializes in broken beats, although he has been know to drop sick Electro set now and then as well. With such an arsenal of styles it is no wonder why when Mark Yurm is on the decks, there is definitely a party going on. Mark has played along such legendary acts as DJ Magic Mike, Rennie Pilgrem, Adam F, Hive, DB, Sharaz, Fiction and Spice, Donald Glaude, Terry Mullen, Phantom 45, Deekline, Rick West, Capital J, Huda Hudia, DJ Funk, Dave Christophere, and many many more. His blend of mixing in and out of broken beats with 4/4 runners can only be simply described as fun. His sets are sure to make the heart pump, and the feet move, in ways that you would have never expected. Now embarking into his fifteenth year of being a DJ,. Mr.Yurm looks to progress the sounds that have taken care of him even further. In 2009, Mark Yurm re-joined forces with long time manager, and best friend, MJ, to re-launch Household Management, a company which includes Artist Management, and large scale Event Showcases, as well as a soon to be launched record label. Mark will not only handle new artist acquisitions and information for Household Management, he will also be starting to tour again this year. Excitement is the word coming out of Atlanta, as Household, and Mark Yurm, look to be one of the next driving forces of dance music for years to come on a global basis.





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