DECEMBER 31, 2011



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Rottun / Trillitary / Shift / Dubfront] Dubstep
Atlanta, GA
Trillbass’ futuristic grimy in your face sound continues to lead the genre of Dubstep music from the underground to the forefront of the party scene. Made up of members 2Sense and Swytch, the crew provides boundless and unlimited power of the bass driven Dubstep sound. Hailing originally from Birmingham, Alabama, But generally found wherever the party is, Trillbass stays ahead of the curve with their own , always original take on the dubstep genre. With releases on labels all over the world including Rottun Recordings (Canada), Shift Recordings (U.S.), Ruff Records (France), Code of Arms and their own Trillbass Records Vinyl label, the crew continues to advance their style and sound with every release. The past break-out year include an official remix for hip hop gods Wu Tang, a release on cd by EDM Legends ‘Detroit Grand Pubas’, along with over 20,000 mixtape downloads, Several Vinyl releases and many #1 records on the Digital Download Charts. After Cementing their legacy with 30 years of combined musical experience, over 10 Vinyl releases and 50 Digital releases, they push to the future with each new synth, drum and bass boom chosen carefully to decorate or destroy a track. Countless mind blowing shows, world tours and respected original sounds confirm their drive and passion that rivals any other in the game.


[aka Sacred G / West Side Dubz//Hollowpoint//Subway//Smokey and The Bandit] Dubstep
Los Angeles, CA
GENO COCHINO stepped into the dj/production scene in 2006 wielding a record bag full of an at the time unheard of genre that’s now taking over the globe, known as dubstep. His 6 year long love affair with the sound has led him to be recognized as one of the west coasts biggest ambassadors. Whether playing the more up tempo dance floor side of things as Geno Cochino, rockin riddims alongside Hip Hop legend MYKA9, doing it deep and sexy as his alter ego SACRED G, or playing that future Purple gangster boogie alongside Paul Swytch (TRiLLBASS) in their dynamic duo SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT its always high energy, fresh, and cutting edge. He recently released two tracks he made on Hollowpoint records alongside Co Producer and label owner SPL. HOLY WAR, and UNION JACK have both seen dance floors globally and support from some of dubstep's key players. The last tune the two made together, MEDUSA was recently released on the legendary dubstep label SUBWAY recordings out of Holland on their much anticipated Destinations compilation with all three of the tunes charting in Beatports top 10. Geno continues to push the scene in LA with his Monthly event WEST SIDE DUBZ at Zanzibar in Santa Monica. He has also played at festivals such as Coachella, Lightning in a bottle, Manifesto gathering in Costa Rica, Shambhala in BC, Sonic Bloom,Symbiosis, Rain Dance, Emrg+ N+ See, and Burning Man as well as legendary west coast underground parties such as Space Island, Bassrush, Respect, Get Freaky, and Low End Theory. He has also shared the stage with some of the dubstep games biggest heavyweights such as RUSKO, CASPA, LOEFAH, HIJAK, L-WIZ, RESO, N-TYPE, MALA, BENGA, TRUTH and DMZ's legendary MC Sgt. Pokes


J[Bassdrive / Dedication / LoveHZ] Drum & Bass
St. Louis, MO
Midwest Veteran rude boy has been schooling folks on all things D&B for a decade and rinses pressure every time he blazes thru Nashville. Bassdrive resident and front man of the LoveHz monthly Drum & Bass night LIVE in St. Louis first Fridays, Fastcode represents the core of midwest Drum & Bass. Expect all styles of true D&B and seem less mixing, bringing down the dance floor with heavy swag!


[Next Era] Dubstep
Louisville, KY
Starting in 2004 DJxNightmare (Chad Nanna) has worked tirelessly for the Louisville music scene. Playing all through the Midwest, he knows how to get the crowd moving and jumping. Using a method of mixing that no other DJ's are using right now, Nightmare can mix, glitch, grind, beat juggle, ect. All to make every set different and to have the ability to do remixes of tracks on site. No 2 sets are alike. DJxNightmare has shared the stage with names such as but not limited to: Borgore, Numbernin6, Havocndeed, Excision, Datsik, Downlink, Keith MacKenzie, Danny The Wildchild, Jackal & Hyde, DJ Monk, Heavygrinder, Lil Flip, Radioactive Sandwich, and many others. Nightmare is a multi-genre DJ; spinning Dubstep, Drumstep, and, Drum & Bass wile occasionally throwing in a handful of mainstream to keep you listening for every song change, turning the dance floor into a massive frenzy begging for an encore.

FOSTER TANNER - [Delta Blue Recordings] House -Memphis, TN
SOULREAL - [Dedication / LoveHZ] Drum & Bass -St.Louis, M
KRRS224 - [ALR / 423 BASS] Dubstep - Chattanooga, TN
DRUG MONEY - [ALR / 423 Bass] Dubstep - Chattanooga, TN
CiTiZiN FLiP - [Konspiracy ENT] Dubstep - Jackson, TN
MiKE VULCAN - [Everything's Nice / Mashville] Dubstep - Nashville, TN
SQUAKE - [Bassdrive / Represent / Everything's Nice] Drum & Bass - Nashville, TN
TiM PRiNCE - [Everything's NIce] Dubstep - Nashville, TN
MiKE ALLiSON - [Y2K / Represent / Everything's Nice] Dubstep / Electro - Nashville, TN
MiNDUB - [TeaDance / Audity Central / Virago] House - Nashville, TN
CHEK - [TeaDance] House - Nashville, TN
GEOFF PILLER - [TN HOUSE Collective / Open House] House - Atlanta/Nashville, TN
SLiNKY - [Konkrete Jungle / Strictly Social] Drum & Bass / Jungle - Clarksville, TN
DOUBLE A - [G-Spot Heroes / Represent / Everything's Nice] Drum & Bass - Nashville, TN
BLUMAJiK - [G-Spot Heroes / Full Spektrum] Electro / Dubstep - Nashville, TN
SKARFACE - [G-Spot Heroes] Turtablist / Dubstep - Nashville, TN
BRANDON WAHL - [Open House / TN House Collective / Breakdown] House - Nashville, TN
JANE DUPREE - [Disco Terror Squad / ] House - Nashville, TN
GREY PEOPLE - [Rekids (as aberrant w/ decimal), Konstructure, Proper Trax] Techno - Chicago, IL
BEAT REPEAT - [Everything'd Nice / Label] Dubtsep - Murfeesboro, TN
G-LUX - [G-Spot Heroes / Reboot / Breakdown] Dubstep / Electro - Nashville, TN
SAEJMA - [ALR / Subsonik Sound / Modualte / Urban Chemistry / Represent] Drum & Bass - Nashville, TN
RECOiL - [Represent] Drum & Bass / Electro - Denver, CO
KARBON MC - [SLI / Represent / Breach Audio / Pound Rec] Master of Ceromonies - Richmond, VA
QUiET ENTERTAiNER - [Everything's NIce / Label] Live Jam - Nashville, TN
UGLY LOVELY - [Everything's NIce / Label] Mashup / Dubstep - Nashville, TN
EViDO - [Indugle] House - Nashville, TN

New Years Eve Event & After Party
18+ Doors 9PM - 6AM

***WALKING distance from Bridgestone Arena/Downtown
**Plenty of Port-A-Jon Restrooms and Outside Tents
**3 Full Bars for 21+ Champagne toast @ Midnight!
**Vip Lounge/Entry/Green Room
**Extra Large Entrance for quick access!
**30+ DJS Featuring ALLSTAR CREWS:

Everything's Nice/Mashville/Represent/Teadance/OpenHouse/G-Spot Heroes/ALR/423Bass/NextEra/Konspiracy/LoveHZ/KonkreteJungle/Y2K TNEDM/TN House Collective/DeltaBlue/Bassdrive/WestSideDUBS

VIP includes: FREE Beer / FREE Food / NO LINE Entry / Green Room Access

Tickets @ http://fla.vor.us/groovetickets

Ave 9 (Molyneux)
312 Ninth (9th) Ave South
Downtown Nashville, TN 37203